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ToMaLoBeLa Origination


Pretty simple explanation behind "ToMaLoBeLa".

No dramatic or action packed story unfortunately.

In these pictures you see my

Dad, Mom, Me, and my 3 sisters.

Brittany, Logan, and Laney.

Long story short,

It's basically just a combination of our names.

So to me, the name means a lot to me because

it stands for family. 

I love my family so much, they mean so much to me.

We've stuck together through the good times and the hard times.

Thankfully, although my sisters and I are all 4-5 years apart, we've all remained very close as if we were only a year or 2 difference. 

Through the years as I continue to grow in my photography business

I intend on everyone having some sort of part in it as well.

Short story finished.., 

I hope y'all enjoy my photos and enjoy the rest of my page.

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